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Commodity Broker


What You Will Be Doing
  • Market Creation and Off-taker building:
You will be responsible for building a network of off-takers for commodities GFM trades, locally and Internationally. In these networks you will secure Purchase Orders that will drive our aggregation activities.

  • Commodity Brokerage/trading:
You will be responsible for brokering/trading commodities that have been aggregated at a profitable margin. This will include trading on the Ghana Commodity Exchange or on the open market.

  • Data Captured and Profit Calculation:
You will be responsible for ensuring that all trade data around aggregation cost and selling price is up to date and accurately captured on our warehouse trade sheets.

  • Daily Warehouse Reports:
You will ensure that the available quantities of commodities in warehouses we operate from are always accurately reported on a daily basis.

Off-taker Price Negotiation:
You will be responsible for negotiating off-taker prices to ensure that the maximum profit is achieved per trade deal on every occasion.

  • Receiving of Commodities
You will be responsible for ensuring that commodities are properly received at our off-taker site or shipping site. You will ensure quality and quantity communicated prior to transportation are equal to what is written on the waybill.

  • Exporting of Commodities
You will be responsible for exporting commodities that have arrived at our off-taker point to the necessary shipping line and ensure proper certificates are received and sent to the respective buyer.

  • Training of Junior Commodity Brokers
To ensure business continuity, you will be responsible for training Junior Commodity Brokers or Trade Associates in the company. Your training will be both hands on and lecture based.

Any other responsibility assigned to you by your line manager or CEO. 

  • Good monthly salary
  • Insurance cover for the job
  • Out-door life across the country
  • Opportunity to learn and create impact¬†

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