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Accountant / Internal Auditor and Compliance Officer



1. Accounting

  1. Onboarding of suppliers and off-takers on the Xero accounting platform
  2. Initiating payments and expenses to customers, suppliers and staff.
  3. Approving payment and expenses to customers, suppliers and staff
  4. Creating invoices and receipts for payments made and received.
  5. Capturing expense and income in accounting software Xero
  6. Updating sponsors on payouts made to their preferred channels
  7. Solve customer problems and challenges related to accounts.
  8. Calculating the amount due to trade and farm sponsors on Grow For Me
  9. Initiate and execute the settlement process with Payout Officer for each sponsor to receive his/her money after successfully farming or trading on Grow For Me
  10. Managing payout channels for virtual cards, mobile money, bank accounts and physical cards and their charges.
  11. Together with the Payout officer, update sponsors on payouts made to their preferred channels
  12. Together with Payout Officer, you will solve customer problems and challenges related to payments. 

2. Internal Audit
  1. Daily balancing of a bank account with Xero accounting software
  2. Monthly generations of financial statements and reports for the board and investors.
  3. Daily cross-checking of reconciliation and financial records of captured transactions.
  4. Financial modelling of the company’s business models to assist in fundraising efforts by the CEO. 

3. Satutory Compliance Officer

  1. Ensuring all statutory payments are done.
  2. Making sure that all payments are done on time.
  3. Ensure all transactions are pre-approved before payments are done.
  4. Investigating and securing exemptions when needed.
  5. Ensuring Grow For Me is always compliant with national and international accounting structures
  6. Any other task that may be assigned to you by CEO. 

  • Good monthly salary
  • Insurance cover for the job
  • Out-door life across the country
  • Opportunity to learn and create impact
  • Access to satellite technology and its application.  

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