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Sales And Fundraising Consultant



  1. Sales And Fundraising Consultant - Ghana/Africa
  2. Sales And Fundraising Consultant - Americas and Canada
  3. Sales And Fundraising Consultant - European Union and the United Kingdom 
What You Will Be Doing
  • Motivated: Ensure that the sales/fundraising team is highly motivated and excited to raise funds for the business.
  • Generate Leads: Identify potential sponsors who have an interest in farming and commodity trading.
  • Qualify Leads: You will be responsible for ensuring that the leads generated have disposable income to sponsor trade or farming and will actually pay before engaging them.
  • Pitch to or Call Leads: You will be responsible for cold calling all the leads and sponsors provided to you on a CRM platform to pitch the benefits of sponsoring crop production, commodity aggregation and trading.
  • Close deals on a call or in-person meetings: You will be responsible for seeing the sponsors through from first contact to completing payment for farm or trade sponsorship.
  • Sell farming and commodity trading products: You will be responsible for explaining the benefits of new trade and farming products that will be created with time.
  • Manage A Team of Tele sales Agents: Oversee training for multiple telesales consultants, ensure they are well resourced, supported and supervised to successfully close deals to meet daily sales targets.
  • Product creation and training: Learn and master existing products while contributing to the design and development of future products.
  • Marketing: Work with the marketing department to develop and deploy marketing strategies to drive customer acquisition.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor, analyze and report sales numbers and marketing metrics daily to inform the execution of Grow For Me’s customer acquisition tactics.
  • Commissions and rewards: Measure and calculate team commissions based on successful deals closed and oversee payment to respective team members.
  • Competition: Monitor competition and follow current developments in the market to enable Grow For Me to position itself effectively.

  • Banking experience with any Tier 1 bank in your country.
  • A  degree in marketing, sales, banking or a related field
  • Enjoys pitching to customers via telephony for long hours, talking with different people.
  • Excited about startups and building businesses from the ground up.
  • Open to taking risks, anticipate potential challenges and proactively solves them.
  • Knows how to sell over the phone or via video conference calls
  • Able to prepare presentation decks and present them efficiently in person.
  • Able to work under pressure to meet highly monthly targets of $100,000 and above
  • Excited about earning commission through deals closed on each investment round.
  • Capable of setting targets and driving a team to achieve and exceed the target consistently 

  • Good monthly salary
  • Commission on hitting monthly targets.
  • Exciting career opportunities raising funds for commodity trading and crop production.
  • Opportunity to connect with people across the world.
  • Being part of an amazing startup growing quickly 

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