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Zonal Commodity and Farm Coordinator



  1. Zonal Commodity and Farm Coordinator (Upper Northern Ghana) -Upper East, Upper West, North East covering (rice, soybean, maize and sorghum)
  2. Zonal Commodity and Farm Coordinator (Northern Ghana) -Savannah Region, Northern Region covering (rice, soybean, maize and sorghum)
  3. Zonal Commodity and Farm Coordinator (Middle Belt Ghana) - Brong Ahafo, Bono East, and Oti Region covering ( soybean, maize and cashew)
  4. Zonal Commodity and Farm Coordinator (South Western Ghana) - Part of Western North Region, Ahafo, Ashanti, Part of Eastern, and Parts of Volta Region, covering ( rice, cocoa and maize)
  5. Zonal Commodity and Farm Coordinator (South Eastern Ghana) - Parts of Western North, Western, Parts of Eastern, Greater Accra, and Part of Volta Region, covering ( rice, cocoa and maize)

What You Will Be Doing
Responsibilities under the Farming Department:
  1. Collaborate with the district's agricultural directorate and AEAs to identify and select credible Farmer Based Organizations(FBOs) and large-scale commercial farmers to benefit from Grow For Me input financing.
  2. Oversee the distribution of input financing to qualified and selected farmers.
  3. Find and establish the best method/structure to retrieve commodities due Grow For Me prior to and during the harvesting of crops.
  4. Oversee the collection of portions of harvested commodities that belong to Grow For Me as repayment for inputs given.
  5. Retrieval success per season shall not be below ninety-five (95)% per cent per season.
  6. Provide overall support and direction in the successful implementation of all projects (farming, trading, infrastructure development) in your area of responsibility.
  7. Ensure Weekly monitoring and reporting on the state of sponsored farms and commodity aggregation in your area of responsibility.
  8. Identify potential risks and implement risk mitigation measures for crop production, commodity aggregation and infrastructure development. E.g. crop production risk, climate risk, credit/sponsorship risk, environmental risks, social risks etc.
  9. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports covering sponsored farms, commodity aggregation and infrastructure deployment.
  10. Work closely with the Agric Extension Agents (AEAs) and all relevant technical personnel in the region to train and coach farmers in advance and innovative production techniques/technologies to improve farmer capacity.
  11. Monitor project activities and impact (economic, social and environmental).
  12. Create and manage a zonal database for all agents, farmers, commodity suppliers, aggregators, service providers, partners and warehouse facilities
  13. Develop and maintain relationships with local leaders, farmers and others.
  14. Support and facilitate the identification of challenges and constraints faced during field visits to farms, commodity aggregators and infrastructure development.

2. Responsibilities under Commodity Aggregation and Trading (Trade) Department
  1. Supplier Creation and Network building: You will be responsible for building a network of farmers and aggregators for commodities GFM trades, locally and Internationally. In these networks, you will secure Supply Orders that will drive our aggregation and trading volumes.
  2. Farmer Gate Commodity Purchase Price Negotiation and Setting: You will be responsible for negotiating farm gate prices on the Micro Aggregator Platform to ensure that the maximum profit is achieved per bag aggregated for farmers, aggregators and GFM.
  3. Commodity Aggregation: You will be responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient aggregation of commodities at a profitable margin. This will include aggregating into warehouses across the country. Oversee and lead the purchase of large quality commodities in locations within the territories assigned to you.
  4. Receiving of Commodities: You will be responsible for ensuring that commodities are properly received at our warehouses or aggregation point through a network of warehouse managers. You will ensure quality and quantity standards are met prior to transportation and clearly captured on the waybill.
  5. Data Captured and Cost Calculation: You will be responsible for ensuring that all commodity aggregation data around aggregation costs from farm to warehouse and all related aggregation costs is up to date and accurately captured on our warehouse trade platform.
  6. Warehouse Reports: You will ensure that the available quantities of commodities in all warehouses we operate from are always accurately reported on a daily basis and match what sits in our inventory.
  7. Transportation of Commodities: Oversee the sourcing, selection and registering of transporters to handle the delivery of commodities to off-takers or buyer’s locations.
  8. Training of Warehouse officers and Commodity Aggregators: To ensure business continuity, you will be responsible for training Junior Commodity Aggregators, co-ordinators, warehouse officers, main-aggregators and micro-aggregators. Your training will be both hands-on.
  9. Machine Distribution: Oversee proper use of company resources such as threshers, tricycles, and any other GFM equipment in your operational area.
  10. Any other responsibility assigned to you by your line manager or CEO.

  • Any Agricultural-related Degree, or Master's Degree or a Higher National Diploma (HND).
  • Good people skills and the ability to simply get things done with limited resources.
  • Passionate about Agriculture, technology and outdoor life.
  • Able to or willing to learn to ride a motorcycle safely across significant distances
  • Minimum of three (3) years experience in crop production
  • Minimum of three (3) years experience in aggregating any of the following commodities: Rice, Soybean, Sorghum, Cashew, Maize, or Cocoa
  • Experience in farmer-based organisations management
  • Knowledge in precision agriculture and the ability to read and interpret maps

  • Good monthly salary
  • Insurance cover for the job
  • Out-door life across the country
  • Opportunity to learn and create impact
  • Access to satellite technology and its application.  

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